Gorgeous Young Hunk With A Hairy Chest



Matthew is a tall, handsome young man with a wide smile and gorgeous blue eyes. This 22 year-old comes off a little bit naive, and it’s captivating. He’s never done anything on video before – even at home. However, his nervousness makes him that much more charming.

He used to play football in middle school, but now, he mainly jogs to stay in shape. Matthew also likes to go clubbing, and says his favorite kind of music is techno. He’s single and gets laid usually once or twice a week.

Matthew sports a chin strap beard which complements his strong chin perfectly. Being so tall, he likes girls that are smaller and blonde, and natural. He emphasized that he’s not into fake breasts at all.

He first had sex when he was16 and didn’t do much, just the missionary and doggy-style. That position quickly became Matthew’s favorite during sex.

Matthew takes off his shirt to reveal his hairy chest and thick abs. His cock is long and uncut, and he has some of the lowest hanging balls I’ve seen in a while.

With another wide grin, Matthew admits he hasn’t come in a week and is ready to start rubbing out one for us. He starts stroking his dick and his big nut sack jerks up and down along with his hand. His expression intensifies as he gets into it and his cock gets fully erect.

Settling back in the chair, Matthew strokes his cock and plays with one nipple. His chest hair is light brown and fluffy. I bet it feels great to run your hands through it. His cock bends slightly now that he’s rock-hard. He adds extra lube to the shaft to keep the whole length of it greased up.

Matthew moves to the bed and continues to jerk his cock. His expression is pretty intense. Suddenly, a slow, thick load of cum oozes out. It splatters the head of his dick, spills onto the shaft, and some lands on his pubes.

He tells us he was concentrating on fucking a girl doggy-style. I can’t wait to see if how intense he’ll be while actually fucking someone!


UPDATE: Well it looks like our new hairy young stud just lost his anal virginity. Dru from CorbinFisher was the lucky man to show Matthew the finer pleasures of anal sex. I just finished watching this latest gay fuck flix and let me tell you, once dru was let loose on Matthew’s hairy virgin ass he really gave him a hard pounding. It all ended with two smiling spent guys and Matthew’s sexy hairy chest was totally plastered with Dru’s thick white load. Download the video of Dru and Matthew in action here.

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